Thursday, 5 January 2012

Check Your Average Youtube Playback Speed With YouTube Speed Test

Youtube is best online video sharing platform which is a part of Google Network. Youtube recently rolled out a test page "YouTube Video Speed History" which shows the past video speeds of YouTube videos you watched from your location (your current browser at your current IP address). It also shows aggregate video speed by other users in your city, state, country, and worldwide.

YouTube show you the daily average video speed your browser has had when connecting from the same IP address in the past, provided that you’ve watched videos on YouTube in the past 30 days from the same browser.

Airtel Youtube Speed Check

My broadband connection is of Airtel and my download speed is 2Mbps. But according to youtube speed check my average youtube video playback speed is 1.41Mbps. This difference may be due to bandwidth being allocated to torrent clients and other downloads.

Have a look at your Youtube download speed here [Link].


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