Saturday, 7 January 2012

Saturday Special : Top 5 Download Manager for Linux

I started using Linux around 4 years back and i am still using it. Currently i have Ubuntu 11.04 installed on my desktop along with Windows 7, which i use for Gaming. The best part about Ubuntu is its Software Center which gives you the list of all software available for Ubuntu and you can install them directly. Yesterday i was looking for a Download Manager for Ubuntu and i found it really difficult to choose the right one.

When you download files with your browser if there is a small connection drop your download stops which is the most annoying part. Download manager gives you ability to download file from the internet with various features like pause resume download, boost your download speed etc.

If you are looking for a good Download Manager for Linux then you can try any one of the 5 Best Download Managers for Linux given below.

  1. jDownloader
  2. GNU Wget
  3. Multiget
  4. kget
  5. FatRat

These Download Managers are used by me and i can assure you they are worth it. Try them and if you facing any problem the do contact me.


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