Tuesday, 3 January 2012

It's True: BlackBerry Playbook now Available for $299

If you are thinking of buying a tablet for yourself and you can't afford iPad 2 then i think you should get your hands over BlackBerry Playbook. Recently RIM has slashed down price of all variants of Playbook. All models of Blackberry Playbook whether 16GB or 64Gb are now for $299 only.

BlackBerry Playbook

When i tried Blackberry Playbook for the first time i found it pretty amazing. I could record 1080p videos with its 5 MP camera, multi-tasking was enabled and top of all it was Blackberry Playbook. But considering the cost factor it was an OK gadget.

But since prices have come down I would like to buy this gadget but i am not the only one thinking of buying BB Playbook. As soon as prices were cut down all most all retails stores ran out of BB Playbook in India. Within a week all units were sold out. The tablet is also out of stock with online retailers such as Flipkart and LetsBuy in India.

You can book BlackBerry Playbook from official RIM's site [Link].


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