Monday, 2 January 2012

How to Mod GTA 3 for iOS and Android devices ?

Recently Grand Theft Auto 3 was launched for Android and iOS based devices. It gave the real experience of GTA on mobile phones and tablets. If you have played GTA 3 before the while playign it on mobile the first thing that you will think of will be modding it.

Looking for alternatives to BlueStacks
GTA 3 for Android and iOS device
When i played it i wanted to remove those slow and old fashioned cars with Ferrari FF or Bugatti Veyron and other racing cars. The hacker community has the same view point so they researched a bit and discovered that you can mod the iOS and Android game, just like the PC version.
The most impressive thing that came up was that - GTA III uses the same filestructure as the PC version on mobile, so you don't have to do anything — if you can find your Android/Data/com.rockstar.gta3/files/GTA3 directory on your device's internal storage, you can download a number of existing mods right now.

If you are thinking of modding you GTA 3 then you can take advantage of this video. It has provided a detailed tutorials of doing so.

For more details visit XDA Forum


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