Monday, 9 January 2012

Is it True: Airtel Throttling Torrent Speed

Airtel is the best ISP (Internet Service Provider) in India. I am an Airtel broadband subscriber since 2007 and i loved their service. But since last few month i was suffering from slow download speed especially torrent speed. When i try to download any file via torrent the maximum speed i reach is 20Kbps.

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Airtel Throttling torrent Speed

I am not the only one facing such problem. Almost every Airtel subscriber is facing such problem. I tried every possible way to solve this problem and even tried to contact customer care but they provided me a dumb excuse "Bit torrent servers are problematic these days" sounds funny, more over they ask you to test speed at speedtest site and since these people are playing with torrents only so speedtest shows that your connection is providing right speed.

It is clear that Airtel is cheating its customers but the worst part of this issue is even TRAI is aware of this speed throttling. There is no doubt that Airtel is throttling p2p (torrent) traffic.

If you facing slow P2P download speed then try downloading files between 11PM to 10AM. I have tried it myself as Airtel is throttling download speed between 9AM to 9PM.

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